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Thanet Speakers Club Report – Thursday 13th January 2011 (Speech Contest)

On Thursday 13th January 2011, Thanet Speakers Club began their first meeting of the year with the annual prepared speech competition.  All speakers taking parting gave excellent speeches making the positioning of  the winning participants very close. Trevor Kenning took first place with a humorous speech using a lime as a prop. Doug Weale took second place with a powerful speech that captivated the audience.  Ron Sheldrake took third place with his comical and yet insightful look at the function of music in lifting human emotions.

The impromtu speaking session was chaired by Francis Pointer who focused on the theme of January which elicited very engaging and humorous responses. Margarette Jones won the impromtu speaking trophy with Ben Harris coming a close second.

All Thanet Speaker group evenings are open to anyone. So if you like to come as a guest our next meeting is 11th January 7.30pm at the Royal Yacht Club Ramsgate. Contact details

Using the Lectern

Take time to adjust the lectern to an appropriate height so your notes are easy to read without the lectern obscuring your face or gestures. If you need to read your notes the best position for the lectern is directly in front of the speaker. For discreet glancing at your notes the lectern may be placed to one side and slightly in front of the speaker. If the lectern is slightly behind, the speaker must twist their head away from the audience and any glancing at the notes will be obvious.