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Thanet Speakers Club Report, March 25th 2010

The meeting on March 25th, chaired by June Edwards, accentuated the tremendous progress of recently enrolled members: Frances  Pointer,  Kathleen Smith and the club`s newest and youngest member, Ben Harris, each in turn fulfilled challenging assignments putting into practice their skills, aquired by membership,in the art of speaking in public, which the club promotes. 

Firstly, Frances delivered a most entertaing speech,  requiring the ability to speak with conviction on a chosen subject.  The Education Director, Andrew Thomson, had, as custom decrees, assigned an experienced  member to give a constructive evaluation: in doing so, Trevor Kenning drew attention to the ideal choice of subject, upon which the speaker ably expounded,and gave helpful advice on further progress.

Kathleen Smith followed with a most perceptive evaluation of a speech from the advanced manual by a long standing  club member;  her confidence and authority in adressing this assignment so early in her career with the club, was evidence of the learning process.

The impromptu speaking session in the second half was chaired by the versatile Andrew Thomson was a further example of  the aquisition, so readily gained, by Ben Harris, of the skills on offer by the Association of Speakers Clubs. Doug Weale, in his appraisal of the Agenda paid tribute to the educational value, and the contribution to a successful meeting, by all present.

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Using Gestures in your Presentation

Gestures are a great way of adding extra emphasis to a point in a speech. When you’re passionate about a subject, gestures can non-verbally convey the purpose and intent behind your words. Many speakers seem to think using gestures is a matter of waving your hands in front of an audience. Some speakers have incredibly bad habits such as fidgeting nervously without realizing that they are doing it. If you have a habit of doing either of these, try practicing your presentation and attempt to iron out these bad habits.

If you find gestures difficult, try these tips:

  • Practice your gestures in front of a mirror. Try simple ones first, such as counting points on your fingers or even painting shapes.
  • Make sure that your gestures come across as natural. There is nothing as irritating as overdramatic gestures which will eventually take away the impact of the spoken word.
  • Never put both hands in your pockets during any speech. Keep at least one hand free at all times, it will give you an incredible amount of freedom.
  • Find gestures that are appropriate to you. Gestures should be flowing and clearly visible
  • Vary your gestures. Avoid repetitive movements, this can be quite annoying
  • Only use gestures if they are going to enhance your speech. Don’t ever try to force them into your presentation.
  • And practice, practice, it will be worth it
  • Ian Lockyer

    Thanet Speakers Club, Meeting Report, March 11th 2010

    The meeting on March 11th, chaired by Ian Lockyer, typified the success being experienced by the club,resulting from our new website:two new members delivered their maiden speech;designed simply, to give an introduction,and get the feel of speaking to an audience.
    Ben Harris and Lisa Emms, with widely differing backgrounds adding to the interest of the content of the speeches.  Evaluation,by Andrew Thomson and June Edwards, respectively, was given,with helpful and encouraging recommendation for the series of speeches which they will give in the course of their progress through the club`s guiding manual.  
    The second half of the meeting was devoted to impromptu speaking; all present afforded the opportunity to speak on topics, at the invitation of Trevor Kenning.This aspect of our programme is a vital ability practised, which is both challenging, enjoyable and of immense satisfaction: usually -and this session no exception-providing humour in the proceedings. For the best response, judged by popular vote, the Topics Trophy was awarded to Bernie Morgan,who had, in addition to her own response, given the evaluation of the sesssion.
    Club President Ron Sheldrake,appraised the meeting overall.
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    Thanet Speakers Club now on Facebook!

    You can now keep up to date with the latest news from Thanet Speakers Club on the social networking site Facebook.  Facebook is a free-access social networking website in which users can join networks organised by city, workplace, school, and region to connect and interact with other people. People can also add friends and send them messages, and update their personal profiles to notify friends about themselves.

    Ian Lockyer, Webmaster of Thanet Speakers Club commented, “Our Facebook page will have a lot of  content on it which won’t necessarily be seen on this sites. The Facebook page is very much an informal site where we are looking for our members to add content and post messages.”

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